Financial Planning

We encourage all of our clients to begin with a macro goal funding plan: this is what I want, this is what I have, this is what I save.  Will it work?  And if so, how do we need to invest to maximize our probability of success?

  • Hourly – We provide our services on an hourly basis depending on the clients’ needs.  Whether you are building your plan for the first time, getting a periodic checkup, need advice on a specific topic, or want a second opinion, this is a good option.
  • Quick Start – This is a limited engagement and only suitable for simple situations. The advisor will spend 1 to 2 hours preparing for the meeting and the meeting itself will last 1 to 2 hours.  A 30 minute follow up is available within 60 days of the meeting.
  • Annual Flat Fee Retainer – Clients who have already had an hourly or Quick Start engagement can choose to continue our relationship with ongoing services. We provide retainer clients with continuing financial planning, investment management, and advice on a variety of day to day financial issues from buying a home to helping an aging parent.

Financial Planning Fees:

  • $225 per hour for Bobbie Munroe and Mike Sena / 2 hour minimum
  • $95 per hour for firm associates
  • $675 for a QuickStart
  • Retainer fees start at $2500 per year for single clients and $3000 per year for couples. These minimum fees are for relatively simple situations only.  Fees will increase depending on the clients’ circumstances, the amount and type of assets being managed, and the desired level of service. 

Investment Management

This is an option for clients who want ongoing investment management only.  We periodically review recommendations with the client, implement the recommendations, and monitor the portfolio.

Investment Management Fees:

  • $500 due at signing and .85% of assets under management annually to be billed quarterly at the rate of .2125%.
  • The minimum for investment management is $2500 per year for single clients and $3000 per year for couples.

Projects to include Small Business Consulting

Clients may want to engage us to work on a specific project.  This is often the choice selected by our small business clients.  Both Bobbie and Mike have worked with various small businesses, Bobbie as a Controller and Mike as a CEO.  Let our knowledge help your small business not only succeed but thrive.

Project Fees depend on the scope of the engagement and are quoted when the engagement is defined.

Financial Education, Seminars, and Workshops

As requested, we provide seminars and workshops on a variety of financial topics either in person or online.  This is perfect for groups or employers who want to provide financial education.  It is also an excellent option for parents who want to give their children a good basis for continuing financial success.

Fees depend on the material covered, the number of attendees, the method of delivery, and the length of the event.  Fees are quoted when the engagement is defined.