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Good Fit

A client’s relationship with their financial advisor is a very personal relationship. Many clients discover that they disclose their thoughts, their dreams, and their concerns more fully to their financial advisor than any other advisor. That is why we believe that it is important that the client and advisor be a “good fit.”

What type of client would be a “good fit” with Supporting Your Choices?

  • A person who can communicate what a successful relationship would look like.
  • A person who is willing to share both their successes and disappointments with other advisors they use or have used.
  • A person who desires advice and is motivated to make changes in their life if that is indicated.
  • A person who will commit to the process understanding that there will be work involved.
  • A person who is willing to “reveal” his/her concerns and desires. We understand this is a trust issue. That is why a “good fit” is so important. We suggest that you do not work with any professional you do not trust to maintain your “best interests” as their primary concern.
  • A person who is willing to tell us when there is a conflict or disagreement that is affecting our relationship. We can’t address an issue if we don’t know it exists. Therefore, we encourage clients to come to us immediately if there is any problem with the services we provide.
  • A person who is just looking for higher returns or more than we can provide is not a “good fit.”
  • A person who prefers a casual atmosphere. If you are looking for red leather chairs and a 20th floor view, we are probably not a “good fit.”
  • A person who understands that we will always be there for them even if, except for emergencies, we are not available 24/7. We enjoy nights and weekends with our families and friends and encourage you to as well. Balance is important for all of us.

Everyone has a unique personality. If, after our initial meeting, you would like referrals to other fee-only advisors, we will be glad to provide them. We want to be sure that you find your “good fit.”

Initial Questionnaire

Even if our engagement is limited in scope, we need to know enough about you to provide suitable advice.  We ask that all our clients complete our questionnaire and return by email ( or fax (404-355-0157) before our first meeting.

Download Questionnaire

Disclosure Documents and Acknowledgement

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are required to provide each prospective client disclosures about our business. Our contract will require that you have read these disclosures before we proceed with any financial planning or render any investment advice.

Download our Plain English Firm Brochure(Part 2A Form ADV)

Additionally, we are required to verify that we supplied this disclosure and that you read it before we can begin our engagement.  Please download sign and date the Brochure Delivery Receipt and return it to us via email ( or fax (404-355-0157) before our first meeting.

Download Brochure Delivery Receipt – Individual
Download Brochure Delivery Receipt – Couple

For additional disclosure information about our firm or advisors, you may do a Broker Check at

Privacy Policy

At Supporting Your Choices, we respect the privacy of all of our clients.

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